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Smart Web Design

Built to rank. Designed to convert.™

Smart Web design is user-centered and intuitive. If you want your website/organization to be found by the outside world, it also should be SEO-friendly and ready to convert.

Persuasion & personality

Not all visitors are alike. Therefore, Web design agencies should cater to all kinds. One reliable method of appealing to multiple types of people is the use of visitor personas based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. A persona-guided sitemap can chart the appropriate paths for these varied users, from basic directory architecture to navigation and page copy elements.

5 steps

To ensure your business needs are met, consider a 5-step approach to design:

  • Immersion (assess company’s business/marketing goals)
  • Strategy (plan persuasive, persona-based architecture)
  • Design (create intuitive, conversion-ready design)
  • Development (build a robust platform)
  • Optimization (measure and improve through Web analytics study and user testing)