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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Proposal

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Welcome to Webseotoprank, You will find here a professional atmosphere dedicated to serving our clients in an uncompromising, first rate manner.

1) Industry Research

Industry Research is the first and most important step of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Webseotoprank interviews the client and investigates their core marketing expectations.
  2. We create a resource strategy and optimize top companies in this area in order to gain advantage in favor of our client against their current or potential competitors.
  3. Our team initiates thorough research regarding the history of your company’s particular field and its current market value.
  4. We create an action plan and determine the timing of each step.

2) Keyword Research & Marketing Review

  1. Once we have the industry research results of our client we discover your potential client’s behavior on the internet.
  2. This step helps us to understand who your potential clients are. For instance, we prefer to draw 6,000 potential clients to your website with a 35% conversion rate (buying your products or registering) rather than drawing 18,000 with a 2% conversion rate. Today, there are too many easy ways to increase your site’s traffic. When Internet users land on your website by mistake and they are not looking for your content, they will instantly leave the site. This will increase your website’s bounce rate, and high bounce rates decrease your website’s ranking on search engine results. Webseotoprank knows the real key is to increase your Return on Investment.

3) Website Code & On-Page/Off-Page Optimization Plan

This is a technical optimization that we perform after the keyword research and marketing review has been completed. In this step, we insert the codes, titles, keywords and tags, gathered from various sources, into the each page of your website. We also re-analyze and create these entries every month in order to catch the top search entries.

4) Review and Update of Website Content to reflect specific Marketing & Keyword Goals

  1. Search Engine Optimization is a very competitive area. In order to deal with scammers and black hat SEOs, search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. Scammers are promising a high level of traffic by using spam, pop-ups, fake clickers, etc. However, it wouldn’t make sense getting a high level of traffic without accomplishing the company goals. Today, these types of websites can be pacified and black listed by search engines in approximately 2-3 months.
  2. Webseotoprank doesn’t hire fake clickers just to increase your click through rate and mislead you. If you get hundreds of thousands of clicks every day and can’t promote/sell your products we consider ourselves unsuccessful. This is why we constantly research your market and create content that combines the top keywords.

5) Promotion Plan Using High Quality New Content to Generate Links from Social Media, Industry Insiders and Article Marketing

  1. While we are optimizing your website and promoting it through search engines, we also focus on YouTube.com. We create your customized Youtube page and list the videos that you desire. On this very competitive social media site you may also have YouTube ads that show up 10-15 seconds before the video starts.
  2. Getting links from high quality websites is extremely expensive since it directly affects the quality of your company’s website. Fortunately, Webseotoprank’s SEO package includes this type of optimization as well.

6) Main Search Engine Installation

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Submission of your site to the search engines
  4. Adwords Account Creation
  5. Submission of your company to Google Places
  6. Tying up your video, your map and your site all together.

7) Reporting

Webseotoprank does not simply download and send you a copy of the Google Analytics dashboard report every month. Webseotoprank creates customized, neat and detailed reports monthly so you can track your website’s progress. These reports include:

  1. Progress reviews
  2. Competition Analysis Reports
  3. Analysis of existing data from server logs
  4. Creation of Statistical Analysis
  5. Updates of the project’s current search engine traffic patterns
  6. Diagnosis of e-commerce deficiencies
  7. Map Overlay
  8. Click percentage of your website’s button
  9. Performance of your keywords for Google Ad’s
  10. Conversion Tracking
  11. Content Placement
  12. Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO/SMM)
  13. Performance of demographic resources for potential customers

You will also receive monthly official Google Analytics reports in order to verify the results.

Webseotoprank’s target is Returning On your Investment. If your SEO budget doesn’t pay for itself it cannot be considered as successful Search Engine Optimization.