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Social Media

Social Networking has become a superb blend of integrated technology and human interaction. Social media now touches the lives of almost all organizations and is poised to stay an essential part of their operations. Identify the positive impact of your online presence on your business operations.

Are you in need of social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut or Youtube? We will develop and deliver custom-built social networking platform application as per your requirements and within your time frame.

As business world is dominated by Internet, the need for efficient social networking sites has become mandate among web entrepreneurs. In today’s world, a social networking platform is critical to its ability to compete and succeed. We are experts in custom Social Networking Web Application, Web 2.0, Web design and development. Our top most priority is to provide high-quality and top-notch social networking solutions to our customers.

We expertise in developing custom, secure and advanced social network websites allowing next generation entrepreneur to build a focused and private/public network of communities for family, friends and companies and for niche markets. Our customized solution gives total control and freedom for your social networking needs.

Our Methodology:
We have experience of hundreds of hours to building a social networking website development. We take framework, fully customize it with Graphics, Branding, Logos and New Layouts as per client’s requirement and then integrate with new features. Our application is a flawless and fully tested from starting point.

We design, develop and test new features with our own team of In house project managers, graphic designers, web programmers and marketing professionals.

Our Areas of Expertise

Social Networking Web Development

  • Business Social Networking Website
  • Online Dating Social Network
  • Online Community Website
  • Customized Blog Design
  • Customized Forum and Event Management System
  • Word press Design & Coding
  • Face book Application Development
  • Custom MySpace Design
  • Unique Social Media Creation
  • Social Networking Software


  • Groups Home
  • Category listing (with number of members online)
  • Group Listing
  • Group sorting features (Newest, Most Popular, Group Name)
  • Join Group
  • Favorite Group
  • Create Group
  • Search Groups


  • Event Listing
  • Browse Events with Different options by Place and Time etc.
  • Create Events
  • Events Posting
  • Event Invites
  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
  • Favorite Events
  • Commenting


  • Blog Listing
  • Bookmark
  • Comment Posting
  • Give Kudos
  • Send Message
  • Email Facility
  • Subscribe
  • View My Blog
  • Preferred Blog
  • Post New Blog


  • Forum Category Listing with Search Tool
  • Category Listing
  • Topics Listing with Sorting Feature
  • Post Listing
  • Send Message
  • Reports
  • New Topics Creation
  • Favorite Topics

User Profiles

  • User Listing with Search Tool (Basic, Advanced)
  • Profile Page
  • Add, Update, Delete profile
  • Rank User
  • Block User
  • Friends List
  • Commenting
  • Send Message


  • Music Album Listing
  • Category Listing
  • Search Tool
  • Upload and Download facility


  • Video Album Listing
  • Category Listing
  • Search Tool
  • Upload and Download facility


  • Game Listing
  • Bookmark
  • Sent Message to Friend
  • Game Category Listing


  • Article Listing
  • Search Article
  • Sent to Friend