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Education: Creating More Enrollments

Student recruitment

Nobody knows student recruitment in the highly competitive education industry better than we do. We currently work with over 100 campuses across the country. If you are interested in generating quality lead volume (i.e., with a high enrollment rate) through your homegrown database, check out our predictive analytics solution or traditional performance-based email service.

Recruit and retain more students with …

  • Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Online Video
  • Email Marketing
  • “Big Data”/Predictive Analytics

Check out Webseotoprank’s 30-pg. Ultimate Guide to Marketing an Educational Institution with Social Media. It’s full of insightful interviews and illustrative case studies on using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for marketing a school.

Learn more about doing digital marketing right for education:

  • “Google AdWords Cheat Sheet for the Education Industry“
  • “Social Media for Education“
  • “LinkedIn Advertising’s New Targeting Options a Higher-Ed Bonus“