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Request a custom pricing package to fit your needs.

Full custom engagements start at $3-10K/month.

Representative scenarios

Consider the following scenarios (derived from actual clients) to get a ballpark idea of what kind of impact Webseotoprank solutions deliver:

  • IT : A B2B customer-service software company invests $4,000 in a customized solution that involves SEO, content creation, website conversion enhancement and $9,000 in paid search (including media fees) to generate $156,000 and $50,000, respectively. Furthermore, leads increased 140% over 7 months.
  • Manufacturing : A B2B manufacturer of specialty containment systems invests $4,500 in a customized solution that involves SEO, conversion enhancement and targeted link-building to generate a $585,000 return in the form of new leads.
  • Healthcare : A cosmetic medical practice invests $5,000 in a customized paid-search solution that generates $30,000.
  • Legal : A multi-purpose B2C/B2B law firm invests $5,600 a month to generate $448,000 of return from customized SEO, targeted link-building, and strategic content creation.
  • Education : A national for-profit university invests in a premium email solution that generated its most profitable source of new enrollments to the tune of $23 for every dollar invested. Several millions of dollars in enrollment-based revenue is generated monthly from email—77% more profitable than its other sources of new enrollments.

See additional real client scenarios or read more about the costs/ROI of digital marketing.

Let us walk you through what’s appropriate for your situation.

Our marketing solutions start at around $3,000-$10,000 per month. The exact size of the investment depends on your business’s unique needs. The key is that with Webseotoprank, you always have access to the components you need to maximize your opportunities at any given moment.
Return on Investment: What You Get

Return on Investment: What You Get

Detail Result Pratical Example
Investment of $3–$10K/month Yields measurable conversions, leads and revenue. Your program not only pays for itself, but will bring you better return than any traditional, offline marketing. Your 24/7 Client Reporting Center and monthly stakeholder documents track and quantify leads, revenue and return-on-investment (ROI) every step of the way.
Full-service Is a one-stop shop to avoid dealing with the time, complexity, added expense and lost opportunities involved in juggling multiple providers. Instead of individually outsourcing multiple aspects of your online marketing, you can get it all from 1 provider.
1 point-of-contact Makes it easy to get things done quickly. Access to full array of experts—SEO; social media; online advertising; email marketing; content writing; online PR; video production; web development; web design; mobile usability; local search—via 1 person.
Accountability Start with results that matter to your business, then work backwards to achieve your goals. A focus on leads, revenue and ROI turns online marketing into online selling. Your bottom line always determines our strategy. Your program strategies and monthly reporting revolve around results: ROI and key performance indicators. If we’re not meeting your business expectations at any time, tell us.
Flexibility Gives you the type of programs/channels you need, when you need them. An adaptable solution readily embraces the potential for finding, nurturing and converting new customers, wherever they may lie. Over the course of time, your company’s priorities can change. As a result, your Webseotoprank solution is adapted as needed to drive the results that matter to your business at any given time.

Contact one of our consultants to determine what your customized solution would look like. They can help you determine what you need—and what you don’t need—in order to get started on the path to results that matter:

  • greater quality leads
  • increased conversion rates
  • demonstrably profitable ROI

Fill out the form above to determine what your customized solution would look like.

What is the cost of digital marketing?

Great question. Let us help you understand that more deeply.
Digital Marketing ROI

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